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First Financial Security (FFS) News

Interviewer: What has been your favorite memory/experience at FFS?  Or, what do youu like most about the company?

Octavia: My favorite experience at FFS so far would have to be Leaders Convention 2014.  It was amazing to place faces with the names of agents/carrier partners we communicate with on a daily basis.  It was the start to building lasting relationships. Listening to their success stories was truly inspiring.

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Leaders Convention 2014 Keynote Speaker

First Financial Security, Inc. (FFS) is proud to officially announce Doug Wead as the keynote speaker for its 2014 Leaders Convention - to be held at The Phoenician in Scottsdale, Arizona - July 10th-12th.  This keynote address marks the third consecutive appearance by Doug Wead at First Financial Security's yearly Convention. Click here to read the press release.


Announcing First Financial Security's New President Meg Jones

We are pleased to announce Meg Jones as the new President of First Financial Security, Inc.!

Meg Jones brings over 20 years of administrative and operational experience to First Financial Security.  According to Phil Gerlicher, First Financial Security's CEO, "Meg Jones is uniquely qualified for the position.  She possesses the knowledge, character, work ethic and instincts to lead this organization.  She understands our non-traditional approach to reaching the emerging middle-class markets."

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Congratulations to Thai and Meecha Thao on Earning EFC Level

First Financial Security is excited to announce the promotion of Thai and Meecha Thao to Executive Field Chairman (EFC) level!

Impressively, Thai earned this title in seven short years while working diligently alongside his wife, Meecha. This feat is especially notable since Thai joined First Financial Security on March 25, 2007, having no prior knowledge of the insurance industry. His race to the top of the marketing insurance world included building one of the largest and most dynamic hierarchies in First Financial Security and the insurance industry as a whole.

Congratulations to Thai, Meecha and their entire team on this amazing achievement.



Interviewer: What is happening in your department right now that everyone should know about?

Greg: Our department is currently working hard to help the company and field teams experience new growth.To that end, we are currently running a Width Builder’s contest to encourage our field teams to build new distribution---that is, new “legs” in the business.

We are also working to promote an First Financial Security women’s initiative, which is still in its ground floor phase. I believe it will have a vast reach in the market and big impact on the company in the long run.

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Interviewer: What has been your favorite memory/experience at First Financial Security? Or, what do you like most about the company?

Nathan: My favorite experience was when I was at JumpStart in 2012 looking out into the crowd and seeing hundreds of FFS agents. Then Michael Hardin called each of the FFS Home Office Staff on stage (all I could hear was cheers and hollering) and at that moment I knew I was a part of the FFS family. That feeling is something I will never forget. Now, my favorite memory by far at FFS was when Meg Jones and Phil Gerlicher called me into the CEO’s office (My heart was racing, I was so nervous – I mean the CEO and the Director of Operations wants to talk to me!) and asked if I would be interested in taking over the Commissions Department. They completely caught me by surprise; I thought I was dreaming for a second so I pinched my leg to see if it was real.

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Interviewer:  In a few sentences, please tell us about yourself and what led you to this point today. (i.e. family & pets, education, obstacles, etc.)

Laura:  I was born and raised in the great Northwest and attended Wheaton College in Chicago, IL before moving down south to Georgia to work at the FFS Home Office. My strength is my stubbornness and determination to conquer any assignment given to me and my weakness is jellybeans. I love cooking for friends and curling up with a hot cup of tea. I don’t understand the game of cricket, but love watching University of Oregon football. Go Ducks! My husband Chris and I recently welcomed a new member into our family, our Maltese-Poodle puppy named Hopkins

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How Phil Gerlicher is Changing the Face of Insurance

Phil Gerlicher, CEO of First Financial Security, Inc., discusses the financial services industry and the role of FFS. Click here to read the blog post.