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Jay Hosier, Director of Field Operations

For over 20 years, Jay Hosier has worked in various capacities in the insurance industry. Despite the different organizations and different jobs, there has been one constant –  h­is love for working with field agents.

As Director of Field Operations, Jay spends every day doing what he enjoys most – interacting with FFS’ field leaders and associates to identify new opportunities and approaches to the business and growth. He serves as a liaison between the company and its field force.

“I’m the point of contact in the FFS Home Office when a field person has issues, thoughts, improvements to FFS systems, or if guidance is needed in situations,” Hosier said. “I meet with associates in their offices and at FFS meetings to discuss ways to enhance FFS systems and their business-building efforts.”

Jay believes that increased and enhanced communication is the key to success for the organization and its field force. He hopes to share the feedback he receives with other members of the FFS Home Office team to encourage it to create new tools and develop processes that will help improve overall production and team management.

Previously, Jay had worked as FFS’ Manager of Agent Services. In that capacity, he wore many hats managing and supervising the Licensing & Contracting, New Business, and Field Support teams. He also headed up the Compliance department, helping associates navigate the regulatory environment, as well as staying abreast of corporate policies and guidelines.

“I believe compliance should be a team effort,” Jay explained. “I continue to work closely with leaders to ensure that we find ways to allow them to use materials that are both compliant and achieve goals.”

A native of Warwick, NY, Jay moved to Atlanta in 1997. He had been working for a stock brokerage firm in New York City but was ready for a change. He’s worked in field support, licensing and contracting, operations, trade desk, and compliance for several companies with business models similar to FFS.

Jay attended Dakota Wesleyan University. He lives with his wife, Stephanie, and their son, Jay, in south Forsyth County, GA. On his days off, he enjoys spending time with his family, going to the movies, swimming, bowling, and other activities. His son enjoys both baseball and football, so the family spends time at practice or at his games.

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