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FFS Gives Back

Making an Impact in Our Communities.


First Financial Security, Inc. has always hoped to bring all people financial security and peace of mind. While we do achieve that vision through business building and innovative financial products, we recognize that peace of mind is also brought through volunteer work and charity. The stories on this page are a glimpse into how we impact our world and bring families comfort and security in the process.



First Financial Security, Inc. is proud to introduce a new honorary award in 2023 to be given to agents who make an impact in their community through charity, volunteer work, financial education and more. 


The Give Back Visionary of the Year will reward the agent who best exemplifies the spirit of giving back through service to their community and dedication to caring for all people. While all agents achieve our vision to bring all people financial security and peace of mind through business building and financial solutions, our Give Back Visionary of the Year will be an outstanding entrepreneur who carries a commitment to their clients’ well-being that often goes above and beyond the efforts of their peers. 


Join us in choosing our Give Back Visionary of the Year during our nomination window from February 1st through June 30th. To nominate an agent, simply fill out our nomination form, which can be found HERE.


Through the nomination form, you will answer some basic questions about your nominee — their name, agent code, email address, social media and a photo of them (if you have one) — and tell us why they should win in either a short write up or a video upload of two minutes or less. The winner will be announced on stage at Leaders Convention 2023. 


Since 2006, First Financial Security, Inc. has been helping families find peace of mind in the face of injury, illness and untimely death. If an agent comes to mind when you think of our mission to give back and bring families financial comfort and security, nominate them today to honor their commitment to improving our world as the FFS Give Back Visionary of the Year. 

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