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Shea Cadogan, Director of Agent Services

Shea Cadogan loves to watch people succeed — “I’ve always been that type of person that loves helping people,” she says. Helping people has been the focus of her time at First Financial Security, Inc. since she joined in 2018 as an Agent Services Specialist.

Before her time at FFS, she worked for another insurance company, starting as a Call Center Specialist and moving up to Manager within three years. She used this upward experience to excel quickly at FFS — it was only a matter of time before Shea became Director of Agent Services in November 2020. 

At her happiest when the field excels, Shea loves to watch agents get tangible results like getting Commission Qualified and hitting milestones for recruiting or selling. Her goal is to ensure every agent who calls has a good experience and comes away excited to build their business in the field. She serves as the guide to get her teams better results, and she loves the rapport she gets to build within her departments.

Shea’s passions include cooking and football — in her free time, you can catch her making a good meal and sitting down to watch a Giants game. She also loves to travel, and those who know her well are never surprised to find her vacationing across the country. Experiencing new cultures first-hand has been important to her since she was young, and she loves tasting good food from around the world.

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