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First Financial Security, Inc. Gold Sponsor of Tet Festival

First Financial Security, Inc. representative Victoria Le and team, together with home office leaders Greg Smith, Denise Langro, and Laura Manzer participated in UVSA's 34th Annual Tet Festival February 20-22, 2015. As co-Gold sponsors for the annual event, First Financial Security and Le hosted one of the many tents lining the area outside the event center. Several members of Le’s Garden Grove, CA, team, all of whom were dressed in traditional Vietnamese attire, greeted event-goers at the booth.

First Financial Security, gold co-sponsors, Tet Nguyen Dan Festival, Lunar New Year celebrations, traditional Vietnamese dress

“We were excited to be a sponsor for this important cultural event in the Vietnamese community,” Laura Manzer, Director of Marketing and Communications at First Financial Security, Inc. and attendee of the event, said. “Victoria, Corey and their entire team have made significant contributions to our organization. It was a privilege to learn about their heritage and culture by celebrating the Lunar New Year with them.”

Read the full press release for additional information.


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