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Four Retirement Planning Tips for Young Adults

Too many young people make the mistake of waiting too long to save for retirement. Retiring can feel so far away that they trick themselves into not saving soon enough. Do not fall into the trap of waiting — retirement involves planning against factors like inflation, health issues, a competitive job market, and an increasing life expectancy. Aggressively saving while you are young will take advantage of compound interest, which makes it easier to reach your retirement goals by spending less time and effort than if you started saving later.

It is never too early to start saving for your future. Planning is essential, not only for you but also for your family’s wealth and well-being. The sooner you start to plan your retirement, the sooner you can start to accumulate wealth, weather short-term market fluctuations, and take advantage of compound interest.

Ways Young Adults Can Plan for Retirement

The younger you are when you start your retirement plan, the easier it is to build your wealth. Here is how you can build a savings mindset as early as possible:

• Make financial freedom the goal.

Sometimes, the word “retirement” tricks your mind into putting it on the back burner. It can make the future feel far away. The goal is to reframe “retirement” by calling it something more immediately useful: “financial freedom.” Instead of saving for years from now, think of every cent as an inch toward financial freedom — something that can be achieved at any point in time. By aiming to be free of financial burden, you can take steps toward retirement that feel rewarding in daily life.

• Take an annual hard look at your finances.

Spending money can transform into habits and routines. Even if your car insurance rate keeps rising, you might not look for a cheaper policy because sticking with a routine is simpler. Set aside time each year to take a long, hard look at your money. Make a list of all your bills — cell phone, internet, utilities, memberships, debts — then ask yourself what you can get rid of, what you can reduce, or what you can replace.

Track your monthly expenses.

To save money properly, avoid living paycheck-to-paycheck. Monitor your expenses — what you spend is just as important as what you make, as making millions will not help your future if you are also spending millions.

Save what you can, no matter how small.

Compound interest is one of the most powerful saving tools. For example, $100 today at 8% interest will be $3,192 in 45 years. Frequent savings of even less can quickly build into large sums of money. Automate your contributions and you can build wealth for retirement without having to give it a second thought.

Save Sooner, Enjoy Later

By aiming for financial freedom and living accordingly, you can go a long way towards getting ahead on your retirement. It is important to start saving as young as you can; as you get older, it gets harder to accumulate wealth through interest. Your goal is financial security — your reward will be peace of mind.


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