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Leyna Nguyen Reaches EFC, Providing Hundreds of Millions in Protection to Families

In just a few short months with First Financial Security, Inc., Leyna Nguyen made company history by reaching milestones in rapid succession and becoming our newest Executive Field Chairmen (EFC) in the process. In a record-breaking rise to the top, Leyna brought millions of dollars in financial protection to communities in seemingly no time at all.


Leyna started working on her FFS business in October 2022 and quickly became one of the fastest business builders in FFS history. After joining as part of Victoria Le and Corey Vuu’s Team Resilience, Leyna reached EFC less than a year later, passing her 10th diamond at the same time she was being recognized for her achievements on stage at Leaders Convention 2023. "FFS has changed my life," Leyna said from the stage. "Even better, it's helped me change other people's lives." Today, her business is expanding so quickly that the financial security she provides rises by an average of $760,510 per day.


Before she signed with FFS, Leyna rose to become an important figure in broadcasting, winning five Emmy Awards for her work as a journalist and making broadcast history by being the first newscaster to serve as an anchor for two news networks in the same market. This experience helped lay important groundwork for her future with FFS, where understanding and relating to diverse backgrounds can be the key to offering financial protection and building generational wealth in communities often overlooked by the traditional financial sector. She channels her extra time into her charity work with Love Across the Ocean, a nonprofit she founded to give back to her native Vietnam, helping impoverished children and families by providing basic human needs, renovating schools and sponsoring educations.


Leyna’s meteoric rise sets an excellent example for all who want to positively impact their communities. Her dedication and skill are the signs of a proven leader, and the sheer number of families that will find financial security because of her success is transformative and inspiring.


Congratulations to Leyna Nguyen on this monumental achievement!


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