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LiSA Initiative Launches Financial Literacy Curriculum for Children

First Financial Security-sponsored LiSA Initiative's Goal Is to Better Prepare the Next Generation of ConsumersLiSA Initiative announces the launch of a financial literacy curriculum designed for school-aged children. LiSA developed the coursework in partnership with First Financial Security, Inc. and National Financial Educators Council (NFEC). “LiSA is taking the lead in the fight against financial illiteracy in this country,” says Debbie Gerlicher, Co-CEO of First Financial Security and Chair of LiSA Initiative. “We began by focusing on teaching financial literacy to adults, but we knew to be truly successful, we’d need to expand that focus to include the next generation of consumers – America’s youth.”

Learning modules of the new curriculum are taught in a variety of group settings – community outreach programs, churches, after-school centers and others – by First Financial Security, Inc. associates that are Certified Financial Education Instructors (CFEI).

If you’re interested in finding a CFEI in your area, as well as for more information on the program, contact

Read more in the full press release.

First Financial Security, Inc. challenges parents to teach their children about money.


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