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Victoria Le and Corey Vuu Make FFS History by Hitting $2 Million in Rolling Cashflow

First Financial Security, Inc is proud to announce that Executive Field Chairmen Victoria Le and Corey Vuu have once again made FFS history by becoming the first leaders to reach their 20th diamond and make $2,000,000 in rolling cashflow. Congratulations to this trailblazing couple on their monumental achievement!

Victoria and Corey have been some of the fastest-growing leaders since they first built their business with First Financial Security back in August of 2009. They quickly accomplished nearly every possible milestone and achievement in FFS history. Reaching Champions Club within a year and Chairmans Club in January 2017, they have consistently redefined what it means to be powerhouse couple.

Together, they have provided over $423 million of coverage for families; add up all the coverage provided by members of their highly successful Team Resilience and that number climbs to billions.

“For the 13 years that we’ve been in this business, our team has put together over $2 billion in protection for the community,” said Victoria. “We're just not selling something; we're educating people and helping to guide them.”

While inspiring leaders on their own, Victoria and Corey are just as passionate about lifting others and helping them succeed. In 2019, they pushed more team members to hit new cash flow milestones than anyone else that year and became the first leaders ever to win both the FFS Champions Cup and the EFC Cup — then became the first to win both twice in 2022. Their leadership has been essential to FFS’s journey, fostering success in others through coaching, training, team-building and famed inspirational speeches at Leaders Convention and other events.

“Success is challenging, but not impossible,” said Corey Vuu. “Whatever it is you're going through, Victoria and I have been through it — the challenge of having to manage family time and the commitment to growing your business. It's not easy, but if you want to have financial independence, you've got to go to war and fight for it.”

“I am so proud of what they have been able to accomplish with us,” said FFS President Vince Rokose. “On the way to the top, they’ve built a very successful team and have helped a significant number of families achieve financial security and peace of mind. They are successful because they are passionate about helping people.”

Throughout their accomplishments, their desire to protect families and bring financial security to so many people has been a driving force for First Financial Security’s success and vision. “We are just getting started,” added Victoria.

Congratulations to Victoria Le and Corey Vuu on your historic 20th diamond!


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