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How Entrepreneurs Build Good Business Strategies

It takes many resources to become an entrepreneur — from administrative support to technological tools to marketing materials — but it also takes an effective strategy to guide your business in the right direction.

A good strategy can map out each stage of your company’s growth, establish a structure for your team or tell you how to expand in the future. Good strategies also make pitching your company to potential customers and recruits much more effective. No matter who you present your business to, being able to describe exactly who you are and what you do will help everyone understand your business quickly.

While First Financial Security, Inc. provides all the tools you need to run your business, entrepreneurial strategy is unique to each individual business owner. Here are some things to keep in mind as you outline the scope of your company, products and resources in the clearest terms.

  • Identify the problem you solve.

Understanding the problems your customers face is the number one step to providing a necessary product or service. Name this problem in the simplest terms so your business will have a solid foundation from which you can build.

  • Explain your solution.

How does your business solve this problem? Make sure this is in the simplest terms also. Explaining why you and your business care, as well as your passion for solving this problem, will help your pitch to customers and recruits.

  • Know your key resources.

Consider all of your assets when writing your plan. Take into account your technology, administrative team, support infrastructure, logistics, intellectual property, diversity and marketing.

  • Prove your competitive advantage.

Identify what your competition lacks and make up for it — these can be things like direct selling, customer service, better technology or strength in marketing.

Entrepreneurs who strategize using evidence and feedback are more stable, so researching your market, customers and industry will help your business be stronger. Change your model as your business shifts and revisit your strategy at least once or twice a year to guide your business on the track to success.


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