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Providing the Key to Financial Security

Serving communities.
Educating generations.
Empowering those in need.

Financial education is more important than ever: two out of three families lack an emergency fund, three-fifths of adults do not keep a budget and 60% of adults had credits card debt in the past year. Financial literacy is on everybody’s mind, but few know what it looks like or how to achieve it.

Our FFS agents can help. Through our Real Secrets of Money course, 

In the Real Secrets of Money course, you will learn how to teach financial literacy and empower your community with financial capability. The Real Secrets of Money curriculum includes all the basics of financial literacy, including budgeting, paying down debts and understanding credit.

Each lesson has two parts: financial essentials and how to teach those essentials on your own. After completing this course, you will be able to serve, educate and empower your communities through financial education. Create a culture of financial wellness by completing the Real Secrets of Money Success Tracks course.

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