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Andy Cowan Named First Financial Security’s New Senior Director of Sales

First Financial Security, Inc. is excited to announce Andy Cowan’s promotion to Senior Director of Sales. Andy is an industry veteran and has been a successful driver of sales for nearly 20 years. He has led the sales effort at FFS for over two years, and this promotion marks the profound impact of his expertise on the organization.


Andy brought his wealth of experience to FFS in October 2021, where his role was instrumental in transforming agent training and sales strategies. Under Andy's leadership, First Financial Security has witnessed unprecedented growth. "Andy has helped FFS reach record-breaking levels in 2023 with over 30% growth in sales and will continue to build his sales team to exceed those numbers in 2024 and beyond,” said Vince Rokose, President of First Financial Security.


As Senior Director of Sales, Andy Cowan is poised to bring the FFS to new heights while maintaining a vision that aligns with the core values of First Financial Security. We are excited to have him pushing the limits of our success in his new position.


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