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First Financial Security, Inc. Celebrates a Record-Breaking Year

multi blue image with white and yellow text: Celebrating a record-breaking year 2023

Not only was 2023 a record breaker for First Financial Security, Inc. in terms of commissions paid to the field, but it also marked a significant leap in our mission to protect families and uplift communities. This year represented a profound increase in the number of people our field was able to secure and support through our financial solutions.


This period of success, showcasing the effectiveness of our independent contractors, was directly tied to their unwavering dedication to the FFS core mission. Their collective achievements underscore the remarkable talent at First Financial Security and the meaningful difference they make in other peoples’ lives. Their relentless drive has been crucial in Changing the Face of Insurance, driving our future by giving diverse communities access to innovative solutions and helping them understand the importance of financial protection.


2023 was also the year the Restricted Stock Ownership Program was put in place to reward this stellar performance and demonstrate our commitment to investing in our field and sharing our collective success. More than that, it was recognition of their contribution to our overarching goal to bring all people financial security and peace of mind.


As we look back on the incredible achievements of 2023, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to every member of the FFS family. The success of this year has been measured not just in financial terms, but in the number of lives they have positively impacted. Their spirit, innovation and dedication to helping others were the driving force behind this record-breaking year.


Here’s to continuing this journey of success and reaching even greater heights in the years to come.


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