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May 2023 was the Best Month in FFS History

A graphic thanking the FFS members who raised over $28,000 for the CF Foundation

May 2023 was First Financial Security, Inc.’s best month in company history, a monumental achievement coming mere months after a record-breaking year in 2022. Last month marked the most commissions paid to the field since the company was founded in 2006, and FFS agents have been breaking milestone records over and over in the first several months of 2023 alone.

This achievement follows a year of big changes for FFS, from the appointment of our CEO Ron Wheeler to the exciting addition of Symetra to our list of carrier partners, as well as the introduction of LevelUp, our new annual in-person event focused on taking businesses to the next level.

Meanwhile, agents have been stepping up across the board and hurtling past milestone records. In the past several weeks alone, we have seen Senior Vice President Leyna Nguyen break the record for reaching Diamond Club faster than anyone in company history, as well as a staggering performance from Executive Field Chairman Victoria Le, who became the first agent to reach $2 million in rolling cashflow back in April — and has pushed that to $2.2 million in the weeks since — and was featured on the Spring 2023 cover of Asian Premiere Magazine.

Perhaps the biggest change that brought us to these heights came from our new Producer+ Bonus Program, a dynamic compensation plan launched at Leaders Convention 2022 that allows agents to qualify for one of our top four commission levels on a quarterly basis based on their production. Since its launch, we have had many record-breaking months in commissions paid to the field, starting with September, October and December 2022 and followed by January through May of 2023. We are consistently optimizing our compensation plan and rewards programs to ensure agents remain motivated and earn what they are worth, down to the recent announcement of our Restricted Stock Plan, which allows agents to own actual shares of FFS and gives them a piece of what they helped build.

We would like to give a huge round of applause to all our wonderful agents and Home Office staff for the effort that brought us to this point. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to achieve these incredible numbers — let’s break the record again in June!

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