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Shirley Luu Makes Forbes 50 over 50 – Investment 2021 List

Shirley Luu is no stranger to the spotlight at First Financial Security and she has been recognized as one of Forbes Women 50 over 50 – Investment 2021 leaders. Forbes notes that these women are “shaping the future of finance, fueling high growth businesses and forging a more innovative and inclusive financial future.” Shirley Luu has been helping people achieve financial security and peace of mind with FFS since our founding in 2006. Her leadership as an Executive Field Chairman has been incredible and her enthusiasm for sharing powerful financial solutions is unparalleled.

Forbes launched the 50 over 50 initiative in June as part of Mika Brzezinski’s Know Your Value Initiative. Across these lists, women who are at the height of their careers are being recognized for their remarkable contributions to their industries. Know Your Value more broadly highlights how women over 50 can have their most successful years ahead of them and recognizes their continued influence in the workplace. More than 10,000 women were reviewed for these lists and to be selected is truly an honor. Shirley Luu joins the ranks of Senator Elizabeth Warren, founder of the Corcoran Group Barbara Corcoran, and chief economist for the World Bank Group Carmen Reinhart among others in the investment category.

Shirley Luu’s team is a powerhouse at FFS. She and more than 200 associates have helped upwards of 27,500 clients and protected $4 billion in assets so far. When Shirley discovered she had made the list, she was pleased but also surprised by its level of prestige. After EVP of Products & Distribution, Ron Wheeler called to congratulate her, she started looking more closely at her peers.

"I realized that I was in the same category as women like Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank or Kamala Harris. These are women at the top of their field and being in their company only motivates me to push even further. In 2022, we are going to be breaking every record in the book at FFS."

Congratulations to Shirley Luu and this incredible accomplishment. We cannot wait to see what 2022 brings.


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